Bali White Water Rafting

bali white water rafting, Bali rafting packages

bali white water rafting, Bali rafting packages

General information on getting the Cheapest bali white water rafting

Planning a vacation to Bali and looking for the perfect activities to maximise the fun of your trip? There are indeed so many activities to choose from when it comes to the Dewata island. You can choose from relaxing activities such as, meditation, sunbathing at the prettiest beach, or going for a full day SPA. However, some of you who like adventure, you may want to enjoy paragliding, atv ride, or even white water rafting. The Bali white water rafting is the example of most popular fun activity for tourists and your do not want to miss such exciting experience. Some who has experienced the white water rafting in Bali claim that it was one of the best time of their life. Here are some general information to get a cheapest bali tour packages for the maximum fun.

General information on the similarity that every package offers

There are two main rivers that are often used for the white water rafting activities, such as Ayung River, as well as Telaga Waja. Each river offers similar pricing and packages. Pricing of any adventure are indeed important in order for you to enjoy without hurting your wallet. Despite how much the rafting package will costs you, some basic things are mostly offered by every tour agents. Most travel agents will offer you a pick up and drop off item in your tour package, the time is usually similar from one agent to another at around 9 to 9.30 in the morning and it will end at around 2.30 to 3 o’clock in the afternoon. They will offer you an average of 2 to two and a half hour of rafting time with around 12 to 14 km of the river. Lunch meal will also be provided across the packages and it usually will consist of some tasty local dishes with meat, rice, veggies, and fruits.

The exciting experience with stunning views

Despite how much you pay for the trip, you will get to see the stunning jungle views in both the Ayung as well as the Telaga Waja rivers. During the right season, you may also take a dip into the river and swim around under the stream as it is a safe experience. Regarding safety, you do not need to worry if you have no prior rafting experience because the guides and instructor will take care a great care of you during your trip. You will usually have a group of more than 2 boats, with 4-6 people and a guide in each one, sitting at the back of the rubber boat. The guide will be the one who does all of the steering and get you out of trouble as you may get stuck at least once. The guides are also very friendly and entertaining, so you will be amused all the time. If you are still thinking on getting the cheapest Bali white water rafting package, you can always start to look by asking your hotel reception for a recommendation to suits you and according to your needs.


We introduce you the unforgettable experience without spending lot of money. We pick up you early morning on 08.00 AM to Ubud and reach Ayung River. We prepare the rafting boat and all equipment that you use to ride a long 10 km of approx. 2 hours. Enjoy passing the green valley jungle, rice field, waterfall, relief on the rock, etc.

Price : US $ 35/p (All Include)

bali white water rafting

bali white water rafting


This present is a challenging for the expert. Leaving from the hotel 08.00 AM and drive to the slope of Mt. Agung. The challenge begins from starting point to the end (12 km or approx. 2 hours) on this river. Don’t say that you’re good rafter before do it.

Price : US $ 40 /p (All Include)

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