Bali Car Rental

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Bali Car Rental Service with reasonable price with Japa Bali Tours

Japa Bali Tours, provide driver service, perhaps you would like to make your own itineraries to Bali interested places and make your own wish around Bali Island. Japa Bali Car Rental is the best choice, with our experience driver.

The Price Include: Fully-Air Conditioning Car with double blower, Petrol, experience and speaking English Driver.

The Price Excluded: Parking Fees, Entrance Fees, Meal, and Personal Expenses.

For your Reservation and car type request : +628123993108 (Whatsapp/Messenger)

Email : [email protected]


Car Type: Toyota Kijang Innova
Capacity: max 07 People
Facilities: Full-AC, Audio, Comfortable seat
Price: USD 60/ 12 hours
Price: USD 45/ 06 hours
Extra Time: USD 7/ hours


Car Type: Suzuki APV
Capacity: max 07 people
Facilities: Full-AC, Audio, Comfortable seat
Price: USD 50/ 12 hours
Price: USD 36/ 06 hours
Extra Time: USD 5/ hours


Car Type: Xenia/Avanza
Capacity: max 06 people
Facilities: Full-AC, Audio, Comfortable seat
Price: USD 50/ 12 hours
Price: USD 36/ 06 hours
Extra Time: USD 5/ hours


Car Type: KIA Pregio
Capacity: max 10 People
Facilities: Full-AC, Audio, Comfortable seat
Price: USD 80/ 12 hours
Extra Time: USD 8/ hours


Car Type: Isuzu Elf
Capacity: max 12 People
Facilities: Full-AC, Audio, Comfortable seat
Price: USD 90/ 12 hours
Extra Time: USD 10/ hours

 mini bus

Car Type: Mini Bus
Capacity: max 30 People
Facilities: Full-AC, Audio, Comfortable seat
Price: USD 160/ 10 hours
Extra Time: USD 15/ hours



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Tips to Select the Best Bali Rent Car

Japa Bali Tours – Selecting Bali rent car must be considered carefully. Moreover, if the rent car is in the famous area like Bali, there are so many services of rent cars making you confused. Many more rent cars surely give you a complicated choice because most of those car rentals proffer excellent services and facilities. Here are some tips to pick out the best rent car in Bali.

Understanding Information of Bali Rent Car

Information of Bali rent car is very important to determine that rent car service. From the information, you can gain the best reference of rent car services. The best one means that it is the quality of service so that you, as the consumer, don’t get disappointed. To obtain accurate information regarding to services of Bali rent car, you may open and click the website of Bali rent car. You may also ask references from your friends using that service directly.

Giving Insurance

There are many travelers and tourists assuming that they can drive down slowly and carefully so that there will be no accidents. But, you should ignore that assumption because someday there will possibly happen an accident during driving down in Bali. Thus, you should find a Bali rent car giving insurance. The insurance protects and covers your life as there is an accident. The safety guarantee is very crucial to save your life during a vacation in Bali. Though you must pay more expensive cost due to insurance, it doesn’t matter for the sake of your life.

Having Great Facilities and Price

After determining two above points, it is time to determine the facility and price. Basically, service and facility of rent car will be equal and comparable to the offered price. But, it is recommended to choose a rent car with complete facilities though it has little bit more expensive cost. This is useful to make you more comfortable during having a fun vacation in Bali.

Price becomes a sensitive matter before renting a car. The price and cost of Bali rent car will be competitive in which they compete to the same price and cost. If it must be different, it will never be more than 10 %. So, don’t get appealing to the cheap and low price because this is possibly in trouble.

Checking Available Services

In buying a service or product, service is the number one. You need to check available services given by Bali rent car. The services must be considered. From the service, you can detect the quality and credibility of a certain rent car. The services include the ability and skills of staffs. The staff must be friendly and responsive satisfying and making consumers comfortable.

Checking Rent Car Eligibility

The last point cannot be left actually. Don’t underestimate the standard of rent car eligibility that must be fulfilled by Bali rent car before being driven on the street. You can check the physical performance of rent car in details and carefully. After that, you can do trial in a certain distance to know the quality of Bali rent car. Check facilities included in the car. This way can be done when you visit to the office of car rental.