ATV Packages

Bali Rafting and ATV Ride Tour

A. ATV Single Ride + Lunch + Ayung Rafting US $ 90/Pax

B. ATV Ride + Lunch + Kintamani Volcano + Spice Garden + Rice Terace + Waterfall US $ 85/Pax

C. ATV Ride + Lunch + Monkey Forest + Spice Garden + Royal Temple + Tanah Lot Sunset US $ 85/Pax

D. ATV Ride + Lunch + Elephant Ride + Spice Garden + Monkey Forest US $ 130/Pax

Overview :

Bali ATV Ride Package: Cheap And Challenging Fun

Bali is one of the most beautiful island in indonesia that has been widely known to have such beautiful places around the world. It has attracted so many tourists from all over country with a promise to enjoy a relaxing and yet an adventurous holiday. Bali offers a variety of tourist attraction, starting from volcanic mountains to the beautiful beaches and coral reefs. For those of you who are looking for an adventure package in bali, there are a lot of different options, one of which is the infamous bali atv ride package. There are a lot of various travel agents that offers different packages, starting from the one that offers some luxurious services to those independent travel agent that could offers you the cheapest bali tour packages if you are good at bargaining.

What to expect from the cheaper package

While taking on the more expensive package can get you better service quality, including but not limited to better meal, hospitality, and equipment, the cheaper version also with a lot of fun. Do not worry, most bali ATV ride package includes insurance. It is a mandatory rule, so you do not have to worry about your safety. All bali atv ride package will also brief you a full safety procedures before start to ride through the beautiful plantation tracks. You will also experience different kind of tracks, starting from a relaxing paddy field scenery, balinese villages, and other tracks that would give you an amazing and unforgettable views. You will be able to get a discount if you bring more friends to the adventure. Or if you are traveling solo, you may want to start to make friends and challenge your new friends to take on the cool ATV ride.

Craving for more challenging track

If you are more into an adrenaline seeking junky, some cheaper package also offer a more technical terrains. Of course there will be some instructors that would guide you all the way to the slopes extreme and seemingly impossible to conquer, the sharp slope downhill and uphill, and many more rough terrains. Your will ride the standard and well maintained 250 cc semi automatic ATV bike that is very powerful and guaranteed to be safe, it will be an exciting moment of your life and the great things is,

if you would spend some time to shop around both online and coming to various travel agents, you can get the best bargain possible for the cheapest bali atv ride package. You can also want to choose on which season do you want to take part on the adventure is. When seeking more adventure, you may want to try during the rainy season as the tracks would be muddy and more challenging for you to get through. The slippery slopes will give you an extra jitter and will make your heart beats faster. Since the safety are insured, you do not need to worry about your safety as it is all guaranteed and it will be fully supervised and insured by the travel agents as well as the instructors.

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